Degree transcripts and marriage certificates: Spring is in the air

Like with any business, the demand for translation tends to increase at certain times of the year. April-June and September-November are generally busy with certified translations - from university applications to marriage certificates to name but a few. 

Clients often need their documents translated quickly, so here are a few tips to save you time at every step of the process, from quote to delivery:

  • This might seem obvious, but remember to attach a scanned copy of the document you need translated to your initial email to ensure a prompt quote. If you need more than one document translated, remember that certified translations are charged per page, which means it's worth doublechecking which translations are essential to avoid paying for pages you don't actually need
  • Give the translator as much information as possible: certified/urgent/standard translation, your contact details, delivery arrangements, any specific requirements
  • Be available to answer questions, especially if the job has to be completed urgently
If you've contacted a translator and are waiting for a quote, do you know what the translation process actually involves?

  1. Quote and deadline given to client
  2. Formal agreement via email
  3. Translator might contact client with questions 
  4. Translation and invoice sent electronically
  5. Client confirms safe receipt
  1. Quote and deadline given to client
  2. Formal agreement via email + deposit payment for new clients
  3. Translator might contact client with questions 
  4. Original document verified, translation certified, documents posted to client.
With these guidelines in mind, you will avoid delays. If in doubt about anything, remember it's always best to ask questions.

Why choose me

Professional linguist with 15 years' experience
Translator, teacher & interpreter since 2004
Chartered Member of CIOL
Member of IAPTI

Translation experience
Certified translation of official documents:
- birth/marriage/divorce certificates
- diplomas, transcripts & references
- legal/medical/insurance documents
Academic articles/literary essays
Business/marketing communications
CRM software

Interpreting experience
Court hearings
Medical and work-related
Edinburgh International Film Festival 2010
Arts/cultural events
'Fixer' for French TV

Teaching experience
Language assistant at prestigious Fettes College
Teacher at 4 leading UK universities
- University of Oxford (ongoing)

First degree in English Studies
MSc in Translation Studies
Professional Graduate Diploma In Secondary Education (French & Spanish)