Professional organisations

Despite the number of people advertising language services, finding the right translator can sometimes be more difficult than you’d think. There are a few things to look for in a translator. But do professional memberships guarantee a higher calibre of translators? 

Professional organisations are definitely a good starting point if you’re looking for qualified, skilled and certified professionals:
  1. Verified credentials: As professional organisations only accept qualified translators, they’ll have done the checking qualifications work for you. The minimum requirement is a good language degree but their translators will often have an additional postgraduate or specialist qualification.
  2. Proven experience: Another thing that professional associations check is the applicant's level of experience. So, except for Student/Graduate categories, professional members will have at least a couple of years' experience under their belt.
  3. Resources available: Members of professional bodies have access to a wealth of specialist publications and egroups where they can connect with fellow translators to help them solve linguistic problems. And with easy access to the right tools, professionals are more likely to do a good job.  
  4. CPD: Professional organisations also offer training opportunities and conferences and events therefore their members tend to be up to date with language, culture, good practice and translation technology. 
  5. Professionalism: Members of translation/interpreting associations have to abide by a Code of Conduct. Translators registered with professional bodies are therefore identifiable and accountable, which means you have something to fall back on if things go wrong.
Below is a list of the most common professional associations for French & English. I’m a member of 3 (ITI, CIOL & IAPTI).
Institute of Translation & Interpreting
Chartered Institute of Linguists

Société Française des Traducteurs

American Translators Associations

International Association of Professional Translators & Interpreters

Why choose me

Professional linguist with 15 years' experience
Translator, teacher & interpreter since 2004
Chartered Member of CIOL
Member of IAPTI

Translation experience
Certified translation of official documents:
- birth/marriage/divorce certificates
- diplomas, transcripts & references
- legal/medical/insurance documents
Academic articles/literary essays
Business/marketing communications
CRM software

Interpreting experience
Court hearings
Medical and work-related
Edinburgh International Film Festival 2010
Arts/cultural events
'Fixer' for French TV

Teaching experience
Language assistant at prestigious Fettes College
Teacher at 4 leading UK universities
- University of Oxford (ongoing)

First degree in English Studies
MSc in Translation Studies
Professional Graduate Diploma In Secondary Education (French & Spanish)