Useful information about certified translation

Is a certified translation the same as a sworn translation?
This is the most common question about the translation of official documents. You'll find an answer here and here.

How much do you charge for a certified translation?
I can't tell you without having seen the original document. Certification (date, signature and official stamp) costs £25.00 and there might be a small charge for complex layouts/file conversion.
For a quote with a breakdown of charges, please email me a scanned copy of the document you need translated.

Will I need to send you my original document?
Only if you decide to use my services. I can generally quote from a scanned copy or a picture attachment.
However, as part of the certification process, translators are required to verify the original document. Once you've got the quote and are happy to proceed, I'll ask you to post your original with a prepaid self-addressed envelope I can use to return it with the certified translation.

What if my original document is a PDF and there is no 'original' hard copy?
For official documents issued electronically, you won't need to send me your original document unless there is a hard copy. Your certified translation will have a note under the stamp stating that the translation was done from an electronic document.

Will your translation be accepted by my university/mairie/solicitor etc?
Most definitely!
Certifying serves to identify the translator and their qualifications so that they are accountable. My stamp includes my name and professional membership numbers and certified translations are also signed and dated. I've translated and certified official documents for close to 10 years and my translations have always been accepted in the UK and France, and even in the US or Japan.

Will I get a chance to see the translation before the delivery?
I always email clients an electronic copy of their translation before it's certified to enable them to see the document and to check their details are correct. Even with the best revision and checking process, errors can occur. If you spot a typo before certification, I can make changes to the translation free of charge. I won't certify a translation without the client's go-ahead.

I need the translation urgently.
Standard turnaround times are 4-5 working days. Urgent translations can be delivered within 1-3 working days of receiving the original. In your quotation, a charge will be applied for the urgent delivery.

When will I have to pay?
For new clients, a 50% deposit payment is required. An invoice will be sent with your translation and the remaining fee needs to be settled within 5-10 working days of the invoicing date (see the 'due date' on your invoice).

Why choose me

Professional linguist with 15 years' experience
Translator, teacher & interpreter since 2004
Chartered Member of CIOL
Member of IAPTI

Translation experience
Certified translation of official documents:
- birth/marriage/divorce certificates
- diplomas, transcripts & references
- legal/medical/insurance documents
Academic articles/literary essays
Business/marketing communications
CRM software

Interpreting experience
Court hearings
Medical and work-related
Edinburgh International Film Festival 2010
Arts/cultural events
'Fixer' for French TV

Teaching experience
Language assistant at prestigious Fettes College
Teacher at 4 leading UK universities
- University of Oxford (ongoing)

First degree in English Studies
MSc in Translation Studies
Professional Graduate Diploma In Secondary Education (French & Spanish)