I need a translation. What should I do?
You need to email me the document for translation (or a scanned copy for official documents). You can expect to receive a personalised quote - with a fee and timeline for completion - within two working days.

I'm not sure which type of translation I want.
If your original is an official document (birth certificate, diploma/degree transcript, insurance letter etc), you will need a certified translation. If your document requires translation with cultural adaptation (for example a CV), this is called transcreation and is charged at a different rate. Any other translation is standard.

What's a certified translation? My document is in English and I've been asked to provide an "official translation" or a "legalised/notarised translation" but I'm not sure what that means.
Non-UK jurisdictions have a system where translators are "sworn" - in other words, they are qualified to translate official documents and appointed by a court. This does not exist in the UK. In the UK, qualified translators can produce certified translations. There are different levels of certification but most authorities will accept a translation signed and dated by the translator - either stamped on each page, or accompanied by a declaration by the translator stating they have translated the document to the best of their knowledge. Where a higher level of certification is required, the translation has to be legalised/notarised, which means the translator certifies the translation in the presence of a solicitor or notary public.

What services do you offer?
I offer standard, certified translation and transcreation services. I do not currently offer notarised translation services.

How much does a translation cost?
Each job is different so there is no fixed price list. In some cases, the fee tends to be higher to reflect factors such as urgent/weekend work/technical terminology and format requirements. Certified translation is charged per page and standard translation per 1,000 words.

How long does it take to complete a translation?
Again this depends on the type of document and availability, but I translate ~1,500-2,500 words per day. A certified translation takes about 4-5 working days per page. 

Why choose me

Professional linguist with 15 years' experience
Translator, teacher & interpreter since 2004
Chartered Member of CIOL
Member of IAPTI

Translation experience
Certified translation of official documents:
- birth/marriage/divorce certificates
- diplomas, transcripts & references
- legal/medical/insurance documents
Academic articles/literary essays
Business/marketing communications
CRM software

Interpreting experience
Court hearings
Medical and work-related
Edinburgh International Film Festival 2010
Arts/cultural events
'Fixer' for French TV

Teaching experience
Language assistant at prestigious Fettes College
Teacher at 4 leading UK universities
- University of Oxford (ongoing)

First degree in English Studies
MSc in Translation Studies
Professional Graduate Diploma In Secondary Education (French & Spanish)